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Despite the many trials and obstacles throughout the years,
we have witnessed many awesome and life changing miracles.

The Future site for the Full Gospel Holiness Church began in a rural area in the City of Terrell Texas on Stark street. The founders are Mother Rita and the late Apostle Grady L. Jackson. With great vision and determination, the founders, and their family of 9 began cleaning the grounds for service. The building, dedicated for service, was pulled together with hard work and faith in God. Full Gospel was established in 1968 in that renovated building. The handiwork of God continues to manifest itself in our church today.

The Church increased and many families joined with us to be a blessing to others, and help spread the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In March 1980, the Full Gospel Holiness Church became an Incorporated Entity, and have relocated three times due to increase.

Despite the many trials and obstacles throughout the years, we have witnessed many awesome and life changing miracles. Our Church has hosted numerous, Tent Revivals, Street services and Radio broadcast and community give-a-ways at each location. A countless number of Pastors, Ministers and Missionaries were ordained and commissioned to spread the Gospel through this ministry.

The FGHC ministry seeks to reach people of all segments of society through its outreach ministries. Under this umbrella many are engaged in various ministries. The Prison and Homeless Ministry, The Prayer band, Youth Ministry, and the FGHC Resource Center.

We are privileged to be in partnership with several business owners and our very own play-right in support of this ministry.

May 31, 2010 our General, The Apostle was elevated from labor to reward. His heartfelt love for GOD and his people taught us to be determined, strong and faithful soldiers. The legacy of our warrior continues. This year we are especially thankful to God for the additional increase to our Church family. This year the Full Gospel Children Church would be implemented.

At Full Gospel, the word is taught and preached with simplicity, love, and power. We strive to reach the lost, strengthen the weak and empower the body of Christ. We aspire to minister to the real man, who has real problems, who need real answers, by offering him a real Savior.

Vision Statement

• To spread the Gospel
• To reconcile mankind to right standing with God through love, the word, and fellowship.
• To train and teach believers to be Disciples of Christ and Fishermen of Men
• To build Strong Family Values

Mission Statement

• Discipling the Church to Impact the World.


We Invite You To Come And Help Us Discover Life’s Journey With Jesus!

1114 Hart Street | Wilmer, TX 75172

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